In Australia's Fintech scene, we built a robust broker marketplace and launched a cutting-edge CRM for a startup—transforming visions into financial success.


Hashching Ltd.NSW, Australia


A key to stress-free mortgages in Australia! Imagine a place where you easily connect with trusted brokers, enjoy competitive rates, and make informed decisions. That's HashChing—your go-to platform, making home loan journeys simple, transparent, and tailored just for you. Welcome to a smarter way to mortgage!

Exclusive Mortgage Deals from Brokers

Hashching not only offers exclusive deals but also provides a list of brokers available around a postcode in Australia, enhancing accessibility to financial expertise.

Strategic Partnership

Pioneering the Online Mortgage Experience

Lead Generation, Mortgage, CRM, and Beyond

In a landmark partnership, we joined forces with HashChing to pioneer a revolutionary online mortgage experience that has transformed the way Australians embark on their homeownership journey.

Our collaboration with HashChing represents a commitment to innovation and redefining industry standards. Together, we have seamlessly integrated cutting-edge technology and strategic insights to create an unparalleled online platform that prioritizes user-centricity.

We're innovating together, blending user-friendly design with cutting-edge tech for a seamless experience.

As trailblazers in this collaborative endeavor, our partnership with HashChing stands as a testament to the potential of strategic alliances in reimagining and elevating the online mortgage experience.

Secure and Streamlined Collaboration for Effortless Mortgage Interactions.

In our partnership, simplicity is key. We've intricately crafted an online mortgage experience on AWS, seamlessly connecting brokers and customers. This ensures transparency, efficiency, and empowerment, fortified by AWS cloud computing for unparalleled security in safeguarding your valuable data.

Hashching's story isn't just about convenience and efficiency...

It's about the overall partnership that propelled the project to greatness.

We as a technology parther to Hashching, we streamlined the process of development and support, fostered a competitive environment, and created an ultimate platform for Loan providers and seekers.

The commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has been recognized with numerous awards, solidifying its position as the undisputed marketplace for lending leaders.

Today, Hashching stands tall as a testament to the power of collaboration and technological innovation.

The journey, from a budding startup to a trusted marketplace, embodies the transformative potential of technology and a shared vision. As they continue to evolve and expand, Hashching promises to remain a driving force in shaping the future of home services in Australia, forever changing the game for both consumers and professionals.

Empowering Futures, Enabling Excellence — Where Innovation Meets Impact.

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